Ọmọlọ́mọ- Here’s The Meaning

Ọmọlọ́mọ is a Yoruba phrase. It is commonly uttered among Yorubas.

The meaning of ọmọlọ́mọ is, “another person’s child”.

It is used to describe a person whose action is totally to help themselves. If someone does something to save themselves from a situation, Yorubas will tend to refer to the person as omolomo. The literal meaning is what was stated above. But it is not used literally.

Pronunciation: aw-maw-law-maw


Ọmọlọ́mọ… O tí yá jára ẹ̀!


Another person’s child… He/she has saved him/herself!

Moyinoluwa Olawoye

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