Ọlọ́wọ́gbọgbọrọ- Meaning of The Yorùbá Adjective.

Ọlọ́wọ́gbọgbọrọ means, ‘A person with very large and broad hands.’

It is a common name for God and mostly used as a praise name for God. A common example is when Nigerian Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey used it in his lyrics in his song titled Ọlọ́wọ́gbọgbọrọ.

Example in a Yoruba sentence;

1. Olúwa, iwọ ni ǹ yóó máa sìn! Ọlọ́wọ́gbọgbọrọ ni yín Ọlọ́run!

The meaning is, “Lord, you are the one I will keep worshipping. You are a God with very large and broad hands. “

The Yoruba People love to praise God by calling God great names. Olowo gbogboro is one of the great names Yoruba People have given God. There are so many other names for God apart from Olowogbogboro.

Pronunciation of Olowogbogboro: uh-luh-wuh-gbuh-gbuh-ruh

I am not supposed to be writing out the pronunciation in lay terms. But I know that some people don’t know how to read tonal marks which are the little marks on top of the Yoruba words in this article. You need to understand how tonal marks (Ami ohùn) work, before you can pronounce Yoruba words with them. I will try to enlighten us later on how to use tonal marks in Yoruba writing. If you are interested, comment your interest!

We hope you understood the meaning of the Yoruba name for God, Ọlọ́wọ́gbọgbọrọ. If you have a better explanation or meaning for Ọlọ́wọ́gbọgbọrọ, kindly comment!

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