Olófòófó- Here’s The Meaning.

Olófòófó could be shortened to Olófófó. This is a Yoruba Word that is derogatory and insulting.

Olófòófó means, “Owner of gossips” or “a person of gossips”.

Olófòófó is a combination of “Oní” and “Òfófó”.

Oní means, “owner of something”.

Òfófó means “gossips”.

Oní + òfófó = Olófòófó.

So, the meaning of Olófòófó is, a person who owns gossips, or a person of gossips.

Pronunciation of Olófòófó: oh-loh-foh-oh-foh


1. Bi ọkunrin yẹn ṣe máà ń ṣe olófòófó kiri nìyẹn..

Meaning: That is how that man always gossips everywhere.

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