Meaning of Ùyọ̀ Méyọ́ by Teniola!!

Tẹniọla!!! Tẹniọla Àpáta!! Who doesn’t love this beautiful Nigerian, Yoruba, and Ondo singer?!! Like, who doesn’t??? Her music is Hot!!!! Her lyrics are HOT!!!! she gives it to us back to back!!!

Okay, so she just released a beautiful tune called Ùyọ̀ Méyọ́!! And that beautiful song is trending all over!! It’s a jam!!! On thing I love about that song is its DEEP message and the beautiful tune it has!! The song can make you cry!!! Legit! Not joking! It’s just amazing!! Tẹniọla! Trust me, your fans love you! So, what’s the meaning of Ùyọ̀ Méyọ́??

It turns out that yes, it’s a Yorùbá expression. Uyo Méyọ́ is a Yorùbá expression. It is a Yoruba statement. But it is not plain Yoruba. It is actually An Ondo Dialect Expression. Ondo Dialect is one of the many dialects that Yoruba language is blessed with!! 😇(I love my tribe!)

So, what does Uyo Méyọ́ mean in Ondo Dialect???

Wait for it… Uyo Méyọ́ means, “The joy”.

Simple!!! She sang the song to thank God for her successful graduation from the University! She sang the song to rejoice and to thank God! Uyo Méyọ́ is a powerful tune that you should listen to! Powerful jam!!! We love you Teni! Keep giving us hot!!

Moyinoluwa Olawoye

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