Learn Yorùbá Online with Yoruba Glamour!

Hello! Are a non-indigene of Yoruba land? Do you love the Yoruba language? Do you wish to learn? Are you a Yorùbá indigene but you aren’t fluent? You can learn with me!

I am Moyinolúwa Olawoye. And I am a native Yoruba girl and I can teach you!

If you listen to Nigerian hip-hop songs nowadays, you will notice that a lot of Yorùbá vocabulary is used.. am I right? You might be confused at some of the things you hear.. if you live in a South Western state in Nigeria, You will definitely want to learn the language. Yoruba is very interesting to learn and quite simple.(Not joking!)

So, how do you learn?

Of course, we can run classes through online video calls, audio messages on WhatsApp and even through texts!! You choose the medium you want.

I charge reasonable rates too. So, just book a learning session with me, and let’s get started!!

How to book?

Call 08181811394 or send me an email at moyinolawoye@gmail.com you start learning this beautiful language of Yorùbá!!

Moyinoluwa Olawoye

I am a young Nigerian adult trying to make Yoruba more understandable and relatable. And of course, I am the founder of this beautiful website you are reading. 😍 Follow me on Facebook and Twitter! Don't forget to subscribe to the blog below too!

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