“How are you” in Yorùbá. Check how to say it!

“How are you” is a very common question that English speakers ask. If you live in Yorùbá land, you might want to ask a Yorùbá person how they are doing in their language. But because you are not very versed with the language, you might not know just how to go about this. But thank your stars. I’m here to help you!

When you want to say “How are you?” In Yoruba, you say, “Bá wo ní?”

Simple! Just say “Bá wo ní?” Pronounced as bah-woe-nee.

So, how to say How are you in Yorùbá is, “Bá wo ní?”


1. Bá wo ní Àdùnní? Ṣóo wà pá?

Meaning: How are you Àdùnní? Are you very well?

Moyinoluwa Olawoye

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