Ayé lè o, ìbòsí o- Meaning

Ayé lè o, ìbòsí o is a Yoruba statement. It is a complete Yoruba sentence. This short sentence as it is, is so very popular. Especially among Yorùbá youths. The phrase was originally a part of the lyrics to Tope Àlàbí’s song titled “Ayé lè o”. The song was released many years ago. But this particular part of the song has gained so much popularity in recent times. Especially in 2017/2018 when the song was played as background sound in Nigerian YouTube comedy skits to make the videos more hilarious. Because these videos are watched by millions of youths, the song and indeed the sentence Ayé lè o, ìbòsí o, have gained much fame and wide usage by Nigerians.
Due to this, it is only logical that we write the meaning of the widely used sentence Ayé lè o, ìbòsí o. Right?

Ayé le o, ìbòsí o means “Life is difficult, oh deceit”.

Ayé means Life,

Le means Difficult,

Ìbòsí means “Deceit”.

Ayé le o, ìbòsí o means Life is difficult, it is full of Deceit.


1. Ọrẹ mí, ṣóo mọ pé ayé níkà ṣá? Ení yìí ní mo mọ pé ayé le, ìbòsí ọ!

(My friend, do you know that this life is wicked? It is today that I knew that Life is difficult, oh deceit!)

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