Àlàyé- Here’s The Meaning.

Alayé means, “Guy/ Man“.

This word is a Yoruba Word mostly used by Touts and now commonly, regular  guys to address each other. Not only touts and conductors frequently refer to each other as Àlàyé but also Yoruba men and women.   It really means, “Guy/man“. Although that is not the literal meaning.

The literal meaning of Alayé is “Owner of this world”. Because Alayé is a combo of “Oni” and “Ayé”. Conbining both words, it gives, “Alayé”. So, Alayé simply means, “Guy” according to street slang of course.

There is also Àlàyé. Notice that the tonal marks on this one is different from the former one. Àlàyé Means, “explanation”. The word Alaye has two Meanings in Yoruba. The difference between the two is their tonal marks. This is the second meaning of Alaye.


1. Alayé, tẹra mọ iṣẹ rẹ..

(Guy, put in more effort into your work).

2. Ṣe àlàyé ẹ̀ fún mí..

(Explain it to me..)

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