Àjẹ́- Meaning of the Yorùbá Word.

Àjẹ́ is a common word in Yorùbá language. Looking at the tonal marks we placed on the word, it sounds “doh-me” since it is a two syllabled Yoruba word. Àjẹ́ is very different from Àjé. The tonal marks on the words are different and they have very different meanings. It is important not to confuse the both of them. The Àjẹ́ I will be describing here is pronounced ah-jeh. The second one which we are not describing “Ajé”, is pronounced ah-jay (re-mi) which means “Business/selling”

So, to the reason you are here! What is the meaning of Àjẹ́? Right?

Àjẹ́ means “Witch”. That’s it. That simple.

Àjẹ is a Yorùbá Word used to call someone a witch. It is also used if someone is a guru or is exceptionally good at something.

Examples in sentences:

1. Bọbọ yẹn, Àjẹ́ ni ninu eré bọọlu! (That guy, he is a witch when it comes to playing football).

2. Gbogbo àwọn àjẹ́ ìlú wá tí kú dànù.. (All the witches of our village are all dead).

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