52 Top Yorùbá Names for Girls

In this article, I will be listing 52 unique, modern, trending and interesting names that you can give a baby girl. Yoruba baby girls deserve sweet Yorùbá names, don’t they? Below are 52 of the sweetest baby girl Yorùbá names:

1. Tólúwani

Meaning: It is for God

2. Ẹrítunú

Meaning: Evidence of comfort.

3. Fọláṣádé

Meaning: Use wealth to make royalty.

4. Fọlákẹmi

Meaning: Use wealth to pamper me.

5. Damilọla

Meaning: Bless me with wealth.

6. Oluwatósìn

Meaning: God is worthy to be worshipped.

7. Ṣeunfúnmí

Meaning: (God) Did something for me.

8. Adétọ́lá

Meaning: Royalty is up to wealth.

9. Fèyíkẹmi

Meaning: (God) Used this one to pamper me.

10. Kikẹlọmọ

Meaning: A child is to be pampered.

11. Àṣàkẹ

Meaning: Pamper culture.

12. Ariyíkẹ

Meaning: We were able to pamper this one.

13. Ṣikẹmi

Meaning: Care for me.

14. Kẹmisọla

Meaning: Pamper me into wealth.

15. Àbikẹ

Meaning: We birthed to pamper/care for.

16. Títílayọ

Meaning: Forever is the joy.

17. Tolulọpẹ

Meaning: To the king be the praise.

18. Ṣeyífúnmi/Oluwaseyifunmi

Meaning: Did this for me. / Our Lord did this for me.

19. Yẹmisí

Meaning: Reward me accordingly.

20. Jùmọ̀kẹ

Meaning: We join hands to pamper or care for this one.

21. Olútáyọ̀

Meaning: Royalty is worthy of Joy.

22. Démíládé

Meaning: Put a crown on me.

23. Tèmítáyọ̀

Meaning: My own is worth joy.

24. Adédayọ̀

Meaning: The crown turned to joy.

25. Olúdọlápọ̀

Meaning: Royalty turned to Wealth altogether.

26. Olúṣọlá

Meaning: Royalty made wealth.

27. Moyinolúwa

Meaning: I praise/worship God.

28. Fúnmiláyọ̀

Meaning: Give me joy.

29. Móyọ̀sọ́rẹ

Meaning: I rejoice to the gift.

30. Mofẹ́olúwa

Meaning: I love God

31. Diẹ̀kọ́lá

Meaning: Wealth is not a small thing.

32 (Oluwa)Tórímirò

Meaning: (God) thought when it came/got to my turn.

33. Adéṣẹwa

Crown made beauty.

34. Olubùnmi

Meaning: Royalty blessed me.

35. Adetókẹ

Meaning: Crown is worth being cared for/pampered.

36. Adédoyin

Meaning: Crown turned to Honey/ sweetness.

37. F’ìyìnf’olúwa

Meaning: Give praise to God.

38. Ireolúwa

Meaning: God’s goodness.

39. Ìrètí

Meaning: Hope

40. Ògo-oluwa

Meaning: God’s glory

41. Olúranti

Meaning: Royalty remembered.

42. Rẹ̀milẹkún

Meaning: Comfort me from crying.

43. Màríà

Meaning: Mary

44. Otọ́pẹ́

Meaning: It’s worth being thankful.

45. Modupẹ́ore

Meaning: Thankful for the gift.

46. Ìdùnnú

Meaning: Happiness

47. Wúrà

Meaning: Gold

48. Ọpẹyẹmi

Meaning: I deserve to give Thanks.

49. Fàdákà

Meaning: Silver

50. Ìfẹ́

Meaning: Love

51. Ọlọrunwa

Meaning: There is God

52. Jesùtofúnmi

Meaning: Jesus is enough for me.

One jara!: “Ọ̀ṣuntofúnmi”

Meaning: Ọ̀ṣun is enough for me.

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