20 Top Yoruba insults You should Learn.

But wait.. why would you want to learn the Yoruba vocabulary of insults though? Using derogatory words is not cool.. but of course, you might need it once in a while for some people. So, yeah.. I think I’m willing to share top 15 derogatory words or insults or swear words in Yoruba language. But please, use with care!

1. Olóríbúrúkú

This means “a person of bad head”. The head used there doesn’t mean a person’s head literally but a person’s destiny or fate. This Yoruba insult is used to tell the recipient that they have a bad destiny or fate. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

2. Olóṣì

This means, “a person fond of rubbish”.

3. Olódo

This means, “a person fond of scoring zero/ failing at something”.

4. Ólóshó

This means, “a lady that sells sex or overtly exposes their body”.

5. Olófófó

This means, “a person of gossips”.

6. Ọdẹ

This is perhaps the most common Yoruba insult. It means “Fool”.

7. Olè

Olè is different from Ọ̀lẹ. Note the tonal marks’ differences. Olè means “Thief”.

8. Aláfiṣe

This means, “a person that they have used an habit to do/ or too fond of a bad habit”.

9. Wèrè

This means “insane or mad person”.

10. Aláyébàjẹ́

This means “a person with spoilt life”.

11. Adàgbàmáronú

This means, “A grown person that can’t think”.

12. Dọ̀dọ̀mú

This means, “Dullard”.

13. Akúṣẹ̀ẹ

This means, “a wretchedly poor person”.

14. Arìndìn

This means, “A slow person or a dummy”.

15. Mùmú

This means, “Dullard or fool”.

16. Olófo

This means, “a vain or empty person”.

17. Ọ̀lẹ

This means, “a lazy person”.

18. Aláyémáṣ’ànfàni

This means, “a person whose life cannot succeed”.

19. Oníwàkiwà

This means, “a wayward or badly behaved person”.

20. Rádaràda

This means, “a Rubbish person”.

Hope you enjoyed the list? If you have more, feel free to comment your own!

Moyinoluwa Olawoye

I am a young Nigerian adult trying to make Yoruba more understandable and relatable. And of course, I am the founder of this beautiful website you are reading. 😍 Follow me on Facebook and Twitter! Don't forget to subscribe to the blog below too!

2 thoughts on “20 Top Yoruba insults You should Learn.

  • April 20, 2019 at 2:54 am

    I appreciate your website. I have had to deal with so many female romance/sympathy scammers catfishing with American girl pics and profiles… Once I hit them with the insults that you have taught me, they say they do not understand. Then after awhile, they become defensive because they have received and understood the insult. “E dupe!”


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