101 Yorùbá Words to learn and their meanings.

Hi. I will be listing 100 unique Yoruba Words that you can add to your vocabulary today. Let’s go.

1. Jí

Meaning: Wake up.

Pronunciation: jee

2. Ọmọ

Meaning: Child, baby.

Pronunciation: aw-maw

3. Àgbà

Meaning: Elderly, Old.

Pronunciation: ah-gbah

4. Ìyá

Meaning: Mother

Pronunciation: ee-yah

5. Sísí

Meaning: Young lady, beautiful young girl.

Pronunciation: see-see

6. Bàbá

Meaning: Father

Pronunciation: Bah-bah-ah

7. Àbúrò

Meaning: Younger sibling.

Pronunciation: ah-boo-row

8. Ègbọ́n

Meaning: Elder sibling, Elder one.

Pronunciation: eh-gbaw-n

9. Íṣẹ

Meaning: Work

Pronunciation: ee-sheh

10. Ìṣe

Meaning: Attitude or behavior

Pronunciation: ee-shay

11. Ajá

Meaning: Dog

Pronunciation: ah-jah

12. Ògi

Meaning: Pap

Pronunciation: oh-gi

13. Ìwọ

Meaning: You

Pronunciation: ee-waw

14. Sìn

Meaning: To worship

Pronunciation: see-n

15. Mo

Meaning: I

Pronunciation: moh

16. Ìyàwó

Meaning: wife

Pronunciation: ee-yah-woh

17. Ọ́kọ́

Meaning: Husband

Pronunciation: aw-kaw

18. Jọ̀wọ́

Meaning: Please

Pronunciation: jaw-waw

19. Tọ́jú

Meaning: To take care

Pronunciation: taw-jew

20. Ókó

Meaning: penis

Pronunciation: oh-koh

21. Òbò

Meaning: Vagina

Pronunciation: oh-boh

22. Iná

Meaning: Fire

Pronunciation: ee-naw

23. Ilẹ̀

Meaning: Land

Pronunciation: ee-leh

24. Oko

Meaning: Farm

Pronunciation: oh-koh

25. Ẹṣé

Meaning: Thank you

Pronunciation: eh-shay

26. Ẹ̀kọ́

Meaning : Lesson

Pronunciation: eh-kaw

27. Oúnjẹ

Meaning: Food

Pronunciation: oh-uh-n-jeh

28. Ìṣu

Meaning: Yam

Pronunciation: ee-shu

29. Ẹwà

Meaning: Beans

Pronunciation: eh-wah

30. Inú

Meaning: stomach, inside

Pronunciation: ee-nuh

31. Fìtílà

32. Àwọn

33. Ìyá

34. Ìyà

35. Nnkan

36. Ki

37. Òjò

38. Ará

39. Ìlú

40. Ìlù

41. Iyọ

42. Òkè

43. Oúnjẹ

44. Ìfẹ

45. Ayé

46. Ọkùnrin

47. Obìnrin

48. Ọ̀dọ́

49. Óṣó

50. Ajé

51. Bàbá

52. Òrìṣà

53. Ọlọrun

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